Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I had been having problems sending my manuscript to the editor.finally got out the book that accompaied my computer. My daughter-in-law in Portland and I worked together on the phone and now it seems to be working better.I read over a hundred e-mails from my Museit up group and was dismayed to see some friction about religion.
I seems unfair that a religious person cnnot refer to his beliefs at will.
but unfair as it is, I guess it has to be.
MY concern is that some religions are still being attacked.
Political correctness and religious tolerance apply to everyone but Christians, it seems. amopmg the 20 too 30 year olds I know, it is considered cool to blame everything on the Christians.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I don't have this blogger thing figured out.Just when I think I do, something happens. I get so happy when someone leaves a comment! When no one leaves a comment I think no one is reading it.
I just sent in a revised novel, Andy's Shock, to Write Life Pub and almost ready to send a revised Jeri Bittle in to Muse it up pub. MY little group, the Goddesses, are editing Snap Decision, a novel rejected by Harlequin I may send it to Museitup pub.

Yesterday I sent a query to the local paper by e-mail offering to send them BEa and Ben stories, but haven't heard from them.
The October issue of alongstoryshort printed my Halloween Bea and Ben story.
I made a quick trip to SD to celeb rate my son's birthday. Surprised him!