Saturday, June 4, 2011

Disagreeing With Editors

In my personal opinion, an editor must like your genre or they will not do a good job editing.I could never edit a vampire or paranormal book. (I was afraid of the story about the three billy goats and the troll when I was in school. The teacher finally burned the book so I would come back to school.)
I did have one editor who seemd to not like my book. She never once said anything good about it. We persevered, and it is now published.

y contribution to Letters to My Mother published by Adams Media begins with "Dear Mom, today my daughter, Jayna,..

I argued with the editor that I didn't need the words,'my daughter' as my mother was her grandmother and knew perfectly well who Jayna was. He insisted, and that is the way it was published.

I fussed about it to a friend one day. "But the reader didn't know Jayna was your daughter," he said. All of a sudden it made sense to me.

Aanother time in another anthology, the editor changed my protagonist from the younger brother to the older. I had to take a walk and calm down until I realized she was right. My story is in Summer Shorts published by Blooming Tree Press.
Please read the coomments given after my postings. They are informative as well.
Please tell me about experiences working with your editor. I will post again at eleven.