Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm Back Again.

Yes, I'm going to try to do this again. I have joined an e-line writing group and it keeps me busy. Besides entering a submission to another anthology. I attended a lecture on blogging Monday evening at the local college. I was hoping to learn how to access my blog , but the class was more about the uses of blogs which was informative also. The class was presented by Sharon Poppen, a local author and friend of mine.I can't remember the professors name.
The prompt for My Writing Friends I chose this month is:
A fractured famiily attempts a reunion:
Wish me luck.
It's mandatory that I write a poem this time. There are four categories to choose from. I chose Togetherness. I really need your good wishes on that one. I am not a poet.
Let's see, now.

Togetherness 24/7
face to face on every thing.
across the table, in the bed

know what he's saying
before it's said.
but comforting now

to know I can relax
and not pretend to
be what I'm not

silence is golden
so they say
days pass by

without a word
peaceful times

Well, it needs work, like I say I'm not a poet. bye for now Joan