Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Here I go again.I hope I have better luck.for some reason or other I get stopped. today, Valentines Day Feb. 14 2009 I attended an authors fair in LHC.
met other fellow authors. sold one of my books and traded two authors for their books.
I love my book, Teri about a damsel in distress, but wish I hadn't been quite so ecplicit in the sex scenes. MY sequel, Apple, will be out in March.
I held back a little on the sex scenes.
I have begun novel three. This will be about a young man. I have b een reclusive as I wrote my novels, but have asked to re-join the writing group on-line for short stories.
Soes anyone know the diffdrence between critiquing and editing? I met with fellow authors trhe other night and it seems to me we have fallen into editing . That is a little more time consuming, but nice to have.
also enjoyed a trip to quartzite to the naked mans bookstore. My good friend Sharon took me with her. I sold three books there. I hope I get some comments sonetime.