Saturday, November 29, 2008

fourth try it freezes up after two sentences??

Here I go again. sharon if you read this you may have suggestions. I just get going and the computer won't let me type anymore. I am concentrating on my sequel to Teri a novel published in June under an alias. This one is titled Apple and I'm about finished with it. Am getting tired of it.I have ideas for Ben and Bea and would like to get it published as a collection of stories. Also have fun meeting with friends to discuss writing.

third try at posting

third try at posting

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

yep, seventy-six already. when you consider the alternative I guess I'm happy to be 76.
I'm bummed out because my story The Quiet Hero was not accepted in the anthology My Dad is MY Hero. I really worked on it, but I guess there were other submissions better than mine.I must get going and submit some more stories. It gives me a much needed ego boost to see my name in print.
To celebrate my birthday we are going with our church group in a van to Phoenix to see the DiamondBacks play Detroit.
We plan to spend the summer with our daughter in South
Dakota we will enjoy the weather there and our four-year-old grandson. We haven't seen much of him. We should get good and acquainted.My writing may take a back seat, but maybe I'll write a few children's stories.
I will drop out of my on-line-writing group. Don't know if I'll rejoin in the fall or not. The critiques are not as beneficial as I had hoped they would be. They are mostly critical of the story line rather than the actual composition. I don't like science fiction, but I have a friend who writes it I critique it for construction , hook, plot , and ending. I think that is helpful. by for now. Joan

Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's a beautiful day

If you don't mind the wind. The Author's Fair at the community college went rather well.It was the first presentation. About 20 authors were there and about that many people showed up. I didn't talk to as many as I would liked to have. I hope they have it again sometime.Some people seemed quite interested in my work in anthologies.

I am excited. A friend of mine is hosting an anthology signing for me at Hastings April 30th NINE IN THE MORNING. she will have some books on hand. she chose lETTERS TO MY MOTHER SINCE IT IS CLOSE TO MOTHER'S DAY. There are a lot of good stories in it. Someone mentioned that there were so many letters written posthumously that it is a shame we don't write them while the mother is alive. So true.

I haven't heard from the new anthology : My Dad is a Hero. I did submit a story, but have not heard if it has been accepted.
I am amiss in my writer's group on-line. I still can't get it to post to the forum.

MY writer friend,LOis, and I met this week to crtique each other's work. I had printed out some information about critiqing and she asked for a copy. Some of my on-line friends just don't get it. They try to re-write my story!

Sometimes I think of shucking everything I learned about POV, genres,similes,etc. and just write! If it makes you want to turn the page or brings out an emotion such as laughter or tears, then it's good writing. Right?

I visited the Havasu Writer's Group Thursday evening reading at Hastings. It was a geat group. The coffe bar was a bit noisy. We managed to shout above it.My book I wrote under a psuedenom is supposed to be out next month. EXciting!! jabbering jo

Thursday, April 10, 2008

April already?

Lots of things happening. I have been invited to participate in the Author's Fair at the community college tomorrow. Twenty authors and four speakers will be on hand. Subjects range from cookbooks to inspirational. I will represent the anthology department. Iwill display the anthologies that have my stories. I was honored to be asked to join in the fair.

I will meet with cohorts tonight at Denny's and maybe they can give me hints as to what to do.
Sharon, Lois, Cindie and I meet once a month to critique our stories and have a gab session.

My Bible Study leader, Sue, is having the last Bible study meeting at Hastings and having a book signing for me for the group. Isn't that nice? I was so surprised. She has also asked me to give a presentation at the church women's group in September.

have signed a contract with America Publishing after all. I have nothing to lose. It doesn't cost anything and they don'[t pay advance but royalities. So we'll see what happens there.

I had computer problems and got behind in my on-line writing group so asked for a month's leave of avsence from that wonderful group.

MY grandson, Robert is coming up at the end of the month and he'll help me renew some of my programs. Joan

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Is anyone out there?

No comments on my blog. Of course that doesn't mean no one read my blog. Just didn't comment.
I read Howard Fast for the book club. I've been reading so many Jonathon Kellerman stories that the one by Fast seemed a little blah, but he was a good writer.
My on line writer's group seems to be fading. I try to keep up my end by critiquing and submitting, but lately I was the only one in the forum!
My granddaughter, Tessa suggested she and I do a book club thing on line. Don't know how it would work, but it might be fun.
I'm thinking I maybe should take a hiatus from the writer's group and do some submitting. I haven't submitted anything since December 2007.
I did get creative, though and wrote another Bea and Ben story. They are my imaginaary retired couple.

Here it is:

The New Garbage Can:

The New Garbage Can
A Bea and Ben story by Joan Hobernicht

Bea finally found a parking place at the big discount store across town from where she and Ben live. The wind took her car door and opened it wide as she maneuvered her large body out of the driver’s seat. She managed to stay upright as the wind whooshed around her. By the time she got to the entrance of the store she was out of breath and out of sorts.

She grabbed a shopping cart, but it stubbornly stayed fastened to the others in the line. A nice young gentleman disentangled the carts and she thanked him. Her list included a trip to the personal health section, the home supplies for a new set of sheets for the guest room, a birthday card for her daughter, Lois, who was turning fifty next week. {I} Better be careful about that one. I think she’s taking fifty pretty hard [I] It took a while, but she finally found one she thought was just right. A woman reached in front of her giving her a dirty look as if to say, “Finally, you’ll be out of my way, you old woman.”

Bea passed the hardware department. They were having a sale on garbage cans. [I] We need a new can, that wind blew our old one away. [I] She found one on wheels. It barely fit on top of her cart.

The lady at the checkout counter suggested she put her other purchases inside the garbage can. Then Bea picked up the plastic can and started out the door. She couldn’t see where she was going. A man sitting on the bench laughed at her. “Ma’am why don’t you set the thing on the ground and pull it?” he asked.

Bea set it on the ground and pulled it outside. The wind immediately took the lid of the can and it went rolling down the pavement. A nice young lady caught it and brought it back to Bea. “Thank you,” Bea said.

She secured the lid on to the can and pulled it to her car. As she approached her car another car stopped, waiting for her to leave so he could park in her parking place. This flustered Bea a bit and she tried to hurry. She opened the trunk and discovered that it was full of stuff Ben had bought at a garage sale. The wind took a piece of paper out of the trunk and swirled it up into the security camera where it remained, blocking it completely.

Bea opened the back door behind the driver’s seat. The garbage can wouldn’t fit. She pulled the can around to the door behind the passenger seat and opened the door. She let go the garbage can and opened the front passenger seat and pulled that seat as far to the front as it would go. She closed that door just in time to rescue the garbage can from rolling back to the store.

Meanwhile, the car waiting for her parking spot was holding up traffic and there was a long line of irritated motorists with engines running. Bea’s face was red, her gray hair straggled out of the bun and her pantyhose drooped beneath her skirt.

An older gentleman finally helped her get the garbage can into the back seat. “Thank you,” Bea said.

She was out of breath when she sat in the driver’s seat. [I] I would like to sit here and rest a moment, but everybody is in a hurry. [I]

She imagined there was a big round of cheering when she finally left the parking lot

Ben heard her open the garage door and went to assist her. “Do you need help?” he asked.

“Yes, you can take the #$% garbage can out of the #$% car.”

Ben didn’t say another word. If Bea was swearing she’d a bad day and was better left alone.

Oh yes this story is based on a peronal experience! We've had terrible winds lately. All for now Joan

Monday, February 11, 2008

Musings at The End of The Day

Another day has passed without calamity, without personal tragedy, without mishap. Days like this must be savored and remembered. All days are not so sublime.

Friends and relatives have contacted me on e-mail. I feel special when they ask for advice or just want to visit.

As for advice: How do you stop a puppy from whining? That's what one grandaughter asked. I don't know. I suggested letting it sleep with them, but I don't think her hubby agreed.

Another grandaughter critiqued my blog, particularly the part about the story. It was a good suggestion. One I will take to heart when I do the re-write.

My new novel group is exciting. We are going at a faster pace. A chapter a week. We all plan to submit sometime this summer. There are four of us and it amazing how varied the topics are.
One is about the mideast. I'm learning a lot from it. One is about a child's endeavor to become a professional ballet dancer. There's a lot more to dancing than meets the eye. The other one is
about a child that is placed in a mental institution at the age of seven. It isn't as bad as you'd think it would be, but the plot takes you into her mind. All of these authors are very good. I am thankful to be in their company.
My novel, by comparison, seems trite. It is about a mother and daughter who through no fault of their own are almost penniless and they decide to go to Arizona to find jobs and enjoy the nice weather. Lots of things happen on the way. Well, they're fun to write. I don't know what they're going to do next. Until next time, Jo

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Try, Try Again

I really worked on a blog last night and when I pushed post it evidently lost it. "Sorry for the inconvenience," my computer said. Won't tell you what I said to the computer! Glad it's not voice activated. Ha, ha, just kidding.

I submitted my poem to the group and got one critique so far. They thought I didn't show enough emotion. I will re-vise it.
Now I must concentrate on my short story. The prompt is: a fractured family attempts a reunion. I think I'll try my hand at a murder mystery. Never done that for this group.
Wish me luck.

Let's see:

Blood spurted from Jason's hand as he nicked it on the mailbox while retrieving his mail. He stopped the flow with a handkerchief and waved the blood splattered letter in the air to dry it.
He read the return address.: Charles Sqaab, Dayton, Ohio.
"I don't know anyone by that name." He shivered in the frosty fall air. A fearful feeling came over him and he didn't want to open the letter.

How's that for a hook? Do you want to read more?

We're getting company from SD this evening and he'll be with us a couple of days. Deadline for this story is the 10th so I must get going.
if you read my blog but don't want to sign up you can comment on my e-mail nicjo@npgcable .com bye for now JOan

Try, Try gain

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm Back Again.

Yes, I'm going to try to do this again. I have joined an e-line writing group and it keeps me busy. Besides entering a submission to another anthology. I attended a lecture on blogging Monday evening at the local college. I was hoping to learn how to access my blog , but the class was more about the uses of blogs which was informative also. The class was presented by Sharon Poppen, a local author and friend of mine.I can't remember the professors name.
The prompt for My Writing Friends I chose this month is:
A fractured famiily attempts a reunion:
Wish me luck.
It's mandatory that I write a poem this time. There are four categories to choose from. I chose Togetherness. I really need your good wishes on that one. I am not a poet.
Let's see, now.

Togetherness 24/7
face to face on every thing.
across the table, in the bed

know what he's saying
before it's said.
but comforting now

to know I can relax
and not pretend to
be what I'm not

silence is golden
so they say
days pass by

without a word
peaceful times

Well, it needs work, like I say I'm not a poet. bye for now Joan