Sunday, April 14, 2013

Never give up

I spent 4 hours at the Book Exchange yesterday and didn't sell a book. I did have fun visiting with the other authors. One also has a business in which he does one on one consulting about how to use phone, tablet and computer together. I need this. I'lll see how much he charges and maybe take a quick course. Another author and good friend of mine found an outlet whereby it put her on line book up for free. He got over five thousand requests for the book. She is happy that five thousand people will read her book even tho it is free. She doesn't have to pay for it either.
I don't know if I'll do that. I just got notice that muse-it-up publishing is going to advertise my on line book, Jeri Bittle on their newsletter April 22 As a Buzz deal for 99 cents. Hey, that is great. just go to and find their newsletter. This book was written under my alias J. Rose Knight.
I also received a seven page agreement form from WriteLife publishers. It is so full of whereas's and heretofors and such I've read it three times and still don't know for sure what it says. I think it says they want to be my agent which will be wonderful. I've got to read it again. They have also granted an author's discount so I can buy books and sell the;m at my discretion.
I had about thrown in the towel as far as writing. I am too old and broke to be running around the country promoting my books.
I love to get e-mails and telephone calls from my grandchildren and have skype now so Jesse and I have skyped a couple of times. I look worse on skype than I do on my driver's license!
L'm so looking forward to having Robert up from Phoenix this Friday  is his birthday. Rich and Sheila are coming down from Portland and we will all celebrate  our first grandson's birthday.