Monday, October 15, 2012

My New Book

I can't believe I finally got back on my blog. I had thought it was history. Here goes. We celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary in JUne in Sturgis South Dakota where we were married. My most recent book Andy's Shock will be available soon in paperback. It can be ordered at http.// I submitted a Christmas story to Muse-it-up Publishing and a Bea and Ben story to long-story-short, but haven't heard anything yet. I have several novels in the works, guess I'll have to concentrate and finish them. I've been publishing one a year for awhile, but, let's see. I have seven novels unfinished so .....I'll have to live to be 87 if I want to finish them all.Of course I will.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The new technology

Intelligent individuals have made gigantic strides in communication. People contact others by pushing speed dial on their telephones. They can snap a picture and send it to someone almost instantly. Computers make writing letters absolete, file cabinets are empty, information is stored in the computer and in discs and thumb drives.
An advertisement for a televion set that is also a computer recently caught my attention. What next? the television show, Person of Interest, may not be too far fetched.
More important, how has this access to our private lives improved humanity? In the field of medicine and improving health it has been dramatically useful. Records are more accurate, sharing of information and medical procedures are more precise. Criminals have become sophisticated. No need to rob banks when funds can be accessed by using the correct digital combinations on the computer.
Law enforcement and law makers utilize the telephone and computer to catch law breakers and
penalize them. Education of children from pre -school to universities has been greatly enhanced by computers.
They are here to stay.
I try my best to keep up with the times, but just when I see a light at the end of the tunnel changes are made, new ways to use Facebook, Twitter etc. and again I am left in the dark.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anxiously Waiting

Last summer I entered a short story contest at Good Housekeeping magazine. They will declare the winners this month. It would be so nice to at least get honorable mention. They state that they will have no contact with entrants, so I guess I'll find out when the magazine comes out.
I sent my 3rd. revision of the novel, Andy's Shock, to Write Life Publishing. I thought it would be the final one, but I just received an e-mail saying that it will be edited again!
I met Jean Webster through church and she and I are going to review each others novels. I gave her Snap Decisions. It has been rejected several times. She right away told me she didn't like the main character, so I will have to sweeten her up a little. She gave me Becoming Margaret. I don't think she has ever submitted it to a publisher, but I enjoy reading it.
We became great-grandparents for the first time. Feb. 6th Emerson Whiteway is her name. They are calling her Emmy. (Thank goodness)I've seen her pictures, and she is cute.
I sent her a Disney gold bracelet. Nick made a coin collectors thing for her.
I have pretty much given up on Muse-it-up. I can't keep up with them technology wise. Don't know how to make a banner or do a web site.
I've pretty much given up on facebook too I waste too much time looking at it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year

I remember when I eagerly looked forward to the new year. Now it seems time goes too fast.
I guess that's what happens when you stop and realize there aren't too many New Years left in your life. Nick always told me, "Twenty years from now you'll forget all about it," when I would get into a snit about something. Twenty years from now I'll be almost 100 and will probably have forgotten everything. I love to visit with my grandchildren, but when they tell me about their life's ambitions including their retirement, I think "I won't be around then."
So I better just think about the present year and set goals for it.
I will be great grandmother in February. I must think of something unique to honor her arrival. I don't scrapbook,paint, knit, crochet, or quilt. All I do is write. I pray the muse will be kind and inspire me.
One grandson will graduate from high school in POrtland this spring. If I can't be there in body, I will in spirit.
we will be celebrating our 60th. anniversary. HOpefully in Sturgis SD in the church where we were married in JUne of 1952.
My new novel "Andy's Shock" will hopefully be published this year.