Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

yep, seventy-six already. when you consider the alternative I guess I'm happy to be 76.
I'm bummed out because my story The Quiet Hero was not accepted in the anthology My Dad is MY Hero. I really worked on it, but I guess there were other submissions better than mine.I must get going and submit some more stories. It gives me a much needed ego boost to see my name in print.
To celebrate my birthday we are going with our church group in a van to Phoenix to see the DiamondBacks play Detroit.
We plan to spend the summer with our daughter in South
Dakota we will enjoy the weather there and our four-year-old grandson. We haven't seen much of him. We should get good and acquainted.My writing may take a back seat, but maybe I'll write a few children's stories.
I will drop out of my on-line-writing group. Don't know if I'll rejoin in the fall or not. The critiques are not as beneficial as I had hoped they would be. They are mostly critical of the story line rather than the actual composition. I don't like science fiction, but I have a friend who writes it I critique it for construction , hook, plot , and ending. I think that is helpful. by for now. Joan