Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ups and downs

When returning from a month-long vacation I went through my e-mails and learned that my royalty check was so small the publisher decided to wait to send the money until the next quarter in case some more of my books were sold.
I can't believe I only sold six books!
I went into a real funk and decided I would never write again.

Later I resumed going through more e-mails and found one from another publisher. She stated that they had received my latest revision and will be sending out further critiques. Guess that means they are still interested, right?

Maybe I won't quit writing after all.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Disagreeing With Editors

In my personal opinion, an editor must like your genre or they will not do a good job editing.I could never edit a vampire or paranormal book. (I was afraid of the story about the three billy goats and the troll when I was in school. The teacher finally burned the book so I would come back to school.)
I did have one editor who seemd to not like my book. She never once said anything good about it. We persevered, and it is now published.

y contribution to Letters to My Mother published by Adams Media begins with "Dear Mom, today my daughter, Jayna,..

I argued with the editor that I didn't need the words,'my daughter' as my mother was her grandmother and knew perfectly well who Jayna was. He insisted, and that is the way it was published.

I fussed about it to a friend one day. "But the reader didn't know Jayna was your daughter," he said. All of a sudden it made sense to me.

Aanother time in another anthology, the editor changed my protagonist from the younger brother to the older. I had to take a walk and calm down until I realized she was right. My story is in Summer Shorts published by Blooming Tree Press.
Please read the coomments given after my postings. They are informative as well.
Please tell me about experiences working with your editor. I will post again at eleven.

Friday, May 27, 2011

insomnia thoughts

It's midnight and thoughts keep flying around in my brain.
So, I am working on my workshop on EDITORS I will be presenting on June 4th on
It will be on most of the day, but it can be accessed anytime after, I think.
I'm kind of excited about it. It will be the first of an e-line workshop I have done.
If you can log on for any of it, I would be glad to have you and any comments you would like to make.

Now I am going to work on RUNNING STRONG, a novel that has been on the shelf a long time. I will heed my friends advice and expand my plots. (I have some characters sitting down, but don't tell what they sat on.) The reader may think they sat on the floor. I don't use enough words

Monday, May 9, 2011

This and That

I got an e-reader for MOther's Day. Yeah! ( and I had posted a message saying my kids didn't support my writing. )Anybody have chocolate? I need to eat my words!
I also got chocolate covered cherries, flowers and cards. And dinner out with NIck.
I'm having fun with the reader , spent all morning at Radio Shack getting it programmed.
I now have my book Jeri Bittle and Aesops Fables, and a couple of other free books at my beck and command.
I submitted a short story to Alongstory Short. Haven't heard if they got it yet.It may be in cyberspace.
NOw I'm back in the mood. Recusitating a novel I wrote in 2008. J. Rose Knight Joan

Sunday, April 17, 2011

marketing my book

I tried to get the form letter from muse pub to go on myblog.I think I got it, anyway it said it was successful. My grandson, robert came up from Phoenix and gave me a few pointers on the computer. Thank god for grown-up grandsons! My novel, Jeri Bittle by my alias J. Rose Knight was released Friday. I do so hope some people will buy it. I had fun writing it. Now I'm writing a sequel. You can find out how to buy the book by acessing htpp//museituppub or by going to Be sure to ask for Jeri Bittle by J. Rose Knight

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thinking of getting another blog

My grandaughter suggested I get a new blog for my psuedynom, J. Rose Knight. I think its a good idea. We'll have to get together by computer as she lives in the middle of South Dakota and I live in Havasu AZ I'm working on my sequel to Jeri Bitle. My group The Four Goddesses is meeting tonight at Denny's. They are reviewing the sequel as it is written. I haven't heard from the publisher concerning my newest submission. Snap Decisions. I hope they will accept it.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

looking for publishers

I'm thinking I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket. (I know, it isn't cool to use cliche`s) What I mean is I have two more novels ready to go. I submitted another one to Muse, but haven't heard yet. I think they are very busy. My novel, Jeri Bittle will be released on April 12, e-line only. I went through my submission opportunities folder and found that most of the publishers are either no longer taking submissions or are out of business I may bite the bullet and submit to Harlequin again. (It took them six months to reject the last one I sent them.) Is that good or bad? I really like Musepub. they edit, and suggest changes, and promote the book. I guess I'm just anxious to get my books out there. My sequel to Jeri Bittle has hit a wall. Got the prologue and three chapters. I''m sitting here thinkin, "Now what?" there are so many directions I could take it. romance? Mystery? aliens from outer space? guess I better sleep on it. Goodnight

Friday, February 18, 2011

Busy, Busy

Went to a granddaughter's wedding in Denver last week-end. It was beautiful came home to company from SD. Got my manuscript back from the publisher with a work sheet to proof-read one more time. I haven't been able to find much time, but am about one-half way through. It has been edited by me several times and the line editor several times and the context editor several times and the publisher at least once.
This is the final time before it goes to print and so far I have found six errors.!!
Now have more company from San Jose and Milton Freewater Oregon. (relatives, glad to see them. )they went to PHoenix to spend the night with their grandson. I almost went with them, but have to go to the goddesses meeting tonight and must get this novel fixed and sent back. Also need to get color ink and photo paper to down-load wedding pix my daughter in law sent on the computer.

And people ask me what I do now that I'm retired!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My novel

My book is to be released in April Yea! It will be by museitup publishing co and ezine only.
I will tell you all the details later. The name of the book is Jeri Bittle
She is a Wyoming rancher's wife. She drives on I-80 west as she returns from Gillette after visiting her ailing father.

Events occur that change her life forever.
An attempt is made on her life, but she survives. Her husband is killed and she knows someone wants her dead. but who? and why? She struggles to provide for her three-year-old twins.

The old county sheriff and his wife support and encourage her, but things in the county are not what they seem.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

How old is too Old/

I mostly lurk at my groups e-mails, but one got my attention this morning. It seems the authors group is having a conference in Montreal next November. I almost signed up, and then I thought, Are you crazy?
I would be with utter strangers, sharing a room with a stranger, in Montreal (where is Montreal?)
I would love to meet my editors, Nancy and Penny, and the publisher, Lea, and all the others. But I'll be 79 in May. would have to save up my money, and talk my better half into accepting my plan. what do you think?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I just got an e-mail from my publishing company offering to reverse my rights as neither book has sold in the last year.
However, they want 149.00 per book. That is 298.00.
I can leave them there for the remainder of the contract (four years) if I would prefer.
I would like to get the rights to them back and after revising, submit them to another publishing company.
The reason they haven't sold is that I have to buy the books from them and sell them on my own.I can't afford to buy them. I have sold to all my friends and relatives. Book Signings have not worked for me. They charge too much for the books.
Thank you to those who commented on my last blog I am using your suggestions on how to remember my ideas for writing.