Saturday, January 22, 2011

How old is too Old/

I mostly lurk at my groups e-mails, but one got my attention this morning. It seems the authors group is having a conference in Montreal next November. I almost signed up, and then I thought, Are you crazy?
I would be with utter strangers, sharing a room with a stranger, in Montreal (where is Montreal?)
I would love to meet my editors, Nancy and Penny, and the publisher, Lea, and all the others. But I'll be 79 in May. would have to save up my money, and talk my better half into accepting my plan. what do you think?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I just got an e-mail from my publishing company offering to reverse my rights as neither book has sold in the last year.
However, they want 149.00 per book. That is 298.00.
I can leave them there for the remainder of the contract (four years) if I would prefer.
I would like to get the rights to them back and after revising, submit them to another publishing company.
The reason they haven't sold is that I have to buy the books from them and sell them on my own.I can't afford to buy them. I have sold to all my friends and relatives. Book Signings have not worked for me. They charge too much for the books.
Thank you to those who commented on my last blog I am using your suggestions on how to remember my ideas for writing.