Saturday, December 12, 2009


still no comments on my blog. I got a rejection for my Snap Decisions submitted to Harlequin, they made some suggestions. My group, the four Godesses are kindly going to critique that novel.
Lois is critiquing a short novel of mine titled Jeri, I want to change the title, but don't know to what.It's about a Wyoming rancher's wife.
I haven't heart from Andy's Shock. iI is being critiqued by Fine-Lines editor, David Martin.It is about a young man who became a preacher inspite of being struck by lightning three times one day.
I've been fighting sinus infection and with all the head aches haven't written much. after reading TEri and Apple, my friends think my latest stories are much too dull.
I have written a church devotion and presented it to the Presbyterian women's group. got mixed reviews on it.somebody please read my blog and comment! Joan

Sunday, November 22, 2009

November thoughts

another year almost gone. I see I must speed up on writing or I won't get all accompished I want to.
for one thing, I plan to give up on three organization meetings that are time consuming and non-productive. I quit! also I will take more time in my writing. It still seems like I'm rushing to the end.
My friend Dorothy says "Don't tell they had dinner, tell me what they had for dinner,"
My third book is being edited. I'll bet he will say the same thing only more specifically.
Two of my friends are so good dragging me out of my self-pity wallowing pen and getting me out to do book signings etc.
Maybe I'll become more active in my on-line writing groups, I'm a lurker at this time.
by for now, thanks for commenting, Sharon.

Friday, October 2, 2009

October blues

I''m a little depressed. The novel, Snap Decisions that I sent to Harlequin is just sitting there, I guess. I received a letter saying they would consider it and let me know in due time. the letter was sent in June and no more communication. They gave me a reference number, so I can write and ask their decision. I might send it to another publisher.
I didn't receive a royalty check from Publish America for Teri. Guess I need too contact them, too.
I'm about half-way done with the one the preacher wanted me to write. It's been slow, I want to get it sent off by the end of October.
Then I think I'll take a breather from novels and try some short stories again.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

august 20

Here I am messing up my blog. I hope someone reads it. We had a lovely six thousand mile road trip. My husband is ready to go again, not me. I'm tired of traveling and am anxious to get back to writing. I want to finish at least one of the novels sitting on the shelf before the first of the year. I got a rejection slip on a short story so guess I'll stick to writing novels.
I'll be glad to get in touch with my writing friends.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jo's thoughts.

Well, now, no comments, does that mean no readers?
MY novel Apple was released in March. It is a sequel of Teri. Damsels in distress type of books. I'm not happy with Publish America because I have to promote the sales myself. My royalty check was under two dollars!
I'm going to try another publisher for my finished novel Snap Decisions. We'll see if that goes better. I rec eived a sheet that told specifically what they want. I have no problem with that except the length. I told my story in under 40 thousand words, but they want 50 or over. so I have to use the dreaded ly words to take up space. also may go to longer lengths with a minor character.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Here I go again.I hope I have better luck.for some reason or other I get stopped. today, Valentines Day Feb. 14 2009 I attended an authors fair in LHC.
met other fellow authors. sold one of my books and traded two authors for their books.
I love my book, Teri about a damsel in distress, but wish I hadn't been quite so ecplicit in the sex scenes. MY sequel, Apple, will be out in March.
I held back a little on the sex scenes.
I have begun novel three. This will be about a young man. I have b een reclusive as I wrote my novels, but have asked to re-join the writing group on-line for short stories.
Soes anyone know the diffdrence between critiquing and editing? I met with fellow authors trhe other night and it seems to me we have fallen into editing . That is a little more time consuming, but nice to have.
also enjoyed a trip to quartzite to the naked mans bookstore. My good friend Sharon took me with her. I sold three books there. I hope I get some comments sonetime.

Monday, January 19, 2009


At last a novel TERI has been published. It came out in July by Publlishamerica. They did a fine job and it didn't cost me. ow I'll see if any of them sold. read that the best way to get your book published is to write another.