Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's a beautiful day

If you don't mind the wind. The Author's Fair at the community college went rather well.It was the first presentation. About 20 authors were there and about that many people showed up. I didn't talk to as many as I would liked to have. I hope they have it again sometime.Some people seemed quite interested in my work in anthologies.

I am excited. A friend of mine is hosting an anthology signing for me at Hastings April 30th NINE IN THE MORNING. she will have some books on hand. she chose lETTERS TO MY MOTHER SINCE IT IS CLOSE TO MOTHER'S DAY. There are a lot of good stories in it. Someone mentioned that there were so many letters written posthumously that it is a shame we don't write them while the mother is alive. So true.

I haven't heard from the new anthology : My Dad is a Hero. I did submit a story, but have not heard if it has been accepted.
I am amiss in my writer's group on-line. I still can't get it to post to the forum.

MY writer friend,LOis, and I met this week to crtique each other's work. I had printed out some information about critiqing and she asked for a copy. Some of my on-line friends just don't get it. They try to re-write my story!

Sometimes I think of shucking everything I learned about POV, genres,similes,etc. and just write! If it makes you want to turn the page or brings out an emotion such as laughter or tears, then it's good writing. Right?

I visited the Havasu Writer's Group Thursday evening reading at Hastings. It was a geat group. The coffe bar was a bit noisy. We managed to shout above it.My book I wrote under a psuedenom is supposed to be out next month. EXciting!! jabbering jo

Thursday, April 10, 2008

April already?

Lots of things happening. I have been invited to participate in the Author's Fair at the community college tomorrow. Twenty authors and four speakers will be on hand. Subjects range from cookbooks to inspirational. I will represent the anthology department. Iwill display the anthologies that have my stories. I was honored to be asked to join in the fair.

I will meet with cohorts tonight at Denny's and maybe they can give me hints as to what to do.
Sharon, Lois, Cindie and I meet once a month to critique our stories and have a gab session.

My Bible Study leader, Sue, is having the last Bible study meeting at Hastings and having a book signing for me for the group. Isn't that nice? I was so surprised. She has also asked me to give a presentation at the church women's group in September.

have signed a contract with America Publishing after all. I have nothing to lose. It doesn't cost anything and they don'[t pay advance but royalities. So we'll see what happens there.

I had computer problems and got behind in my on-line writing group so asked for a month's leave of avsence from that wonderful group.

MY grandson, Robert is coming up at the end of the month and he'll help me renew some of my programs. Joan