Friday, May 27, 2011

insomnia thoughts

It's midnight and thoughts keep flying around in my brain.
So, I am working on my workshop on EDITORS I will be presenting on June 4th on
It will be on most of the day, but it can be accessed anytime after, I think.
I'm kind of excited about it. It will be the first of an e-line workshop I have done.
If you can log on for any of it, I would be glad to have you and any comments you would like to make.

Now I am going to work on RUNNING STRONG, a novel that has been on the shelf a long time. I will heed my friends advice and expand my plots. (I have some characters sitting down, but don't tell what they sat on.) The reader may think they sat on the floor. I don't use enough words

Monday, May 9, 2011

This and That

I got an e-reader for MOther's Day. Yeah! ( and I had posted a message saying my kids didn't support my writing. )Anybody have chocolate? I need to eat my words!
I also got chocolate covered cherries, flowers and cards. And dinner out with NIck.
I'm having fun with the reader , spent all morning at Radio Shack getting it programmed.
I now have my book Jeri Bittle and Aesops Fables, and a couple of other free books at my beck and command.
I submitted a short story to Alongstory Short. Haven't heard if they got it yet.It may be in cyberspace.
NOw I'm back in the mood. Recusitating a novel I wrote in 2008. J. Rose Knight Joan