Saturday, December 12, 2009


still no comments on my blog. I got a rejection for my Snap Decisions submitted to Harlequin, they made some suggestions. My group, the four Godesses are kindly going to critique that novel.
Lois is critiquing a short novel of mine titled Jeri, I want to change the title, but don't know to what.It's about a Wyoming rancher's wife.
I haven't heart from Andy's Shock. iI is being critiqued by Fine-Lines editor, David Martin.It is about a young man who became a preacher inspite of being struck by lightning three times one day.
I've been fighting sinus infection and with all the head aches haven't written much. after reading TEri and Apple, my friends think my latest stories are much too dull.
I have written a church devotion and presented it to the Presbyterian women's group. got mixed reviews on it.somebody please read my blog and comment! Joan