Thursday, July 29, 2010

Working on organizing my office

I am sorting through old submissions, rejections, and stories I never sent anywhere.
I intend to get organized and submit, submit, submit. also finish revising Running Strong and submit it!
I've been wondering why no one leaves a commennt. For one thing, I didn't have the correct address. It is
Also, in order for others to read my blog, do they have to have an account?
I will be a guest at an authors blog on September 10th. Already sent itin. IL'll ppost her blog address when I get it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

why Japanese?

the only ones who comment are Japanese in Japanese. I pushed translate and it just turned my whole blog into Japanese. I wonder what they are saying.

Well, I haven't heard anything from Write Life, so I think they don't want my story, but I wish they would just say so. I sent a manuscript to Dorrance Pub, but I think they'll want money to publish it. I like it the other way around! My friend Lois came over today and she is reviewing my novel, Running Strong. I may send it to Muse-it-up. My novella, Jeri Bittle is contracted with Muse and will be released e-book only in april of 2011

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ziip My Mouth

Yesterday I had lunch with three friends from church. Before I went I admonoished myself that I would listen, not talk. I started talking the minute I got there and didn't quit until we left. I play it back in my mind and wish I had let the others talk even though they didn't seem to have anything to say. Oh, well, I'm going out with a friend to do some shopping this morning and I will listen this time. I have free coupons for a free frappe at McDonalds. Yum
I am revising a story I got rejected and I think I'll send it back to the pub who rejected it. Is that wise? WE'll find out.
My friend was in the hosp and the one who has you sign papers asked him if he had a good life. "Yes," he said.
Are you interested in continuing your life or are you finished?" she asked.
"What kind of question is that? We just got back from a trip in our motor home and I have to do alittle maintenance before we take off again to see our grandchildren."
what would the hosppital have done if he had said he was finished living? Yikes, he's younger than I am. I still have several novels in the works.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot sunday, July 18

And I mean hot!. I can't wait to go to SD the first part of August. It gets hot there, too but cools at night.
On my authors group some are complaining about not getting comments on their blog. Well, I get some, but they're in Japanese! I do have a translater button on my computer (that's not computereze, I know) but anyway I haven't used it. My friend Sharon said she used hers and it was mostly viagra advertisements etc. Has any one else had this problem?
Also got a n e-mail from Dorrance Publishing saying they want me to send them my book. didn't say if they pay or I do, I'm publisher shy since my experience with Publish America.
I have four novels done and ready for the final editing, before I send them in, but I don't know where to send them. I admit I'm getting discouraged. Maybe I should go to the bars and drink cold ones and forget writing! (Just kidding)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

writing doldrums

Just can't get in the mood to write lately. I have some novels that need revising, but I'm tired of them. I tried to send a Holloween story to longstoryshort,; but it keeps coming back. I have two ideas for Bea and Ben collection, but haven't written them up.
One is from my neighbor (retired) she sent her husband to the store with a list.

1. bread
4. crackers
5. tea
6. orange juice

He came home with 1 loaf of bread, 2 cartons of milk, 3 heads of lettuce, 4 boxes of crackers, 5 boxes of tea, and 6 bottles of orange juice.

she was so glad her list wasn't longer.

Another idea is when Rose was to bring a potato salad for the fourth of July picnic. She planned to cook the potatos that afternoon before the fourth and make the salad that nighW.
She felt tired in the afternoon so she took a nap. when she woke and went to the kitchen she found her husband happily peeling five pounds of potatos. "I knew you're tired, so I thought I'd help" he said. Poor Rose, she had to make potato salad from peeled potatos. She always cooked them in the skins and peeled them later. they seem to have a more potato flavor, she tried hard to praise her husband, because he was thinking of her and trying to help, right?