Friday, February 15, 2013

I am going to a book signing tomorrow at The Book Exchange in Havasu.
There will be 10 authors. I hope I sell a book or two.
I got a letter from a second cousin telling me of the death of her brother. She didn't know I had lost my sister Dec, 10

We are all getting older. She mentioned cousins I never knew.
Sometimes I wonder why I'm still around, but I'm glad I am. I enjoy the company of long-time friends and meet knew ones often.
I still feel protective of all my children even though I can't help them much. At least I can listen and sympathize with them. I love to lurk on facebook and keep up with the younger ones. My grandchildren and their friends.

This new technology is mind blowing. I try to keep up, but my Cruz reader died and my cellphone didn't like its bath. lol I need to get out my book for my computer as it is not doing quite what I expect it to do.
I have a novel completed on paper but can't find my electronic back-up. Don't  remember where I stored it. Thumb drive or disc I hope I didn't put it on the floppy disc because I don't know where I could get it to run.That computer died a long time ago. well I better get some slep for my big day tomorrow!

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Tessa said...

Hi Jo-Jo, thinking of you for your big day. Hope it goes well. Love your blog posts!