Saturday, August 24, 2013

July 2013 trip

                        Thanks to the Greater Power

The Lord guided us safely on our trip to South Dakota and back. We enjoyed the trip through Utah to Denver,   a route taken only one other time. Inattentive drivers made us nervous. We had to purchase a new battery and two new tires.I felt His presence as we visited friends and relatives. Some of whom it is doubtful we will see on this earth again. In fact we attended the memorial services for a first cousin when we were there.

Our youngest grandson delighted us with his compassion and love. I enjoyed going to a matinee with him and his mother and also viewed the fish hatchery again.

He wanted to give us something, but of course has no money at his disposal. He begged for two quarters from his father and inserted them in what I thought was a gumball machine, Instead it discharged two miniature rubber balls. He joyfully presented his grandfather and myself the treasures
he was able to obtain.
I have my ball and plan to display it somehow. Any suggestions?

I re-read Pride and Prejudice while on the trip. Although I found Ms. Austen's extensive vocabulary disconcerting and sometimes inaccurate, I enjoyed it as much as I did on my first reading. Upon reading the novel I did comprehend that I have been much  lacking in  vocabulary in my own writing. Be prepared, dear friends, for I endeavor to correct that particular fault in my future literary efforts.


Joaneva said...

Glad you were able to make and enjoy your trip back "home".. We r still on the road., back this weekend
Your grandson sounds delightful; maybe you can glue a magnet on the ball and put on your refrigerator??

Valldawn said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip back Aunt Joan! Always good memories are nice to have!